What to Expect

The journey begins when a potential member is referred to us from the Emory Cognitive Neurology clinic or the Emory Goizueta Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center. Patients must have a diagnosis of MCI to be eligible for the program. When a referral is received, our clinical team confirms the Member's eligibility for the program. Next, the referred Member and Care Partner are contacted about the program. If both Member and Care Partner are interested and are ready to commit, they are scheduled for Orientation and Planning visits.

Orientation & Planning

During Orientation & Planning, Members and Care Partners undergo baseline assessments, technology onboarding, group orientation, and a meet and greet with their Coach. As part of Orientation & Planning, Members receive a tablet and access to the MyCEP app. Throughout their journey with the Cognitive Empowerment Program, we highly encourage Members to utilize their tablet and the MyCEP App to keep track of class schedules, resources and other exciting information such as CEP news, updates, and research opportunities.

12-month Program

After completing Orientation & Planning, the Member begins their 12-month program. During the 12 months, Members complete (4) 3-month tracks that include classes such as Cognitive Training, Live Well, Functional Independence, Nutrition, Get Active, Yoga, Tai Chi, Art Exploration, and Think Tank. Members also work with service providers to set a goal that they would like to achieve in each class. Care Partners also have the opportunity to participate in monthly Care Partner specific education classes and support groups.

Alumni Program

Once the 12-month program ends, Members and Care Partners can transition to the alumni program. As an alumni, they have the opportunity to participate in any CEP Community Live classes, support groups, and social activities in the program space. Even after a Member and Care Partner graduate from the 12-month program, they continue to be a part of the CEP community.

Empowerment in Action

Frequently Asked Questions

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No, Care Partners are not required to attend the classes with the Members. Care Partners do have the option to join some classes if they would like to. There are also Care Partner-specific activities and support groups offered.

Yes, Members are required to attend all classes on their schedule. However, we understand that Members will have personal obligations and may need to be away at certain times. To ensure Members get maximum benefit from the program, we encourage them to limit absences as much as possible.

Program days are Monday through Thursday. Schedules will change every 3 months, which will result in a change in the day you attend classes. Monthly schedules are provided in advance so that Members and Care Partners can plan accordingly.

Cognitive Empowerment Program Members and Care Partners have access to a special kind of resource that is often not considered as such: EACH OTHER. In fact, the social engagement offered by the program—and the resulting relationships that are built between people—is cited by most participants as the most valuable part of the program. There are very few other opportunities elsewhere in the community to form these deep, ongoing bonds with others experiencing the Mild Cognitive Impairment journey.

Most of the program's resources should be accessed in person, however there are some resources that can be accessed virtually. Program staff can work with Members to determine how to access these resources.