About the Cognitive Empowerment Program

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Through a unique partnership with the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Cognitive Empowerment Program aims to provide people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) and their Care Partners and families an opportunity to participate in comprehensive lifestyle programs that promote joy, purpose, health, and wellness. Members of the program will receive personalized assessments and goal setting sessions designed to empower them as they seek to implement healthy brain interventions. 

The Cognitive Empowerment Program is supported by a generous investment from the James M. Cox Foundation and Cox Enterprises, Inc., in support of Emory's Brain Health Center and Georgia Institute of Technology

The program is for patients and families in Emory's Cognitive Neurology Clinic who receive a diagnosis of MCI due to presumed Alzheimer’s Disease or other related condition.

There is a growing number of people affected by MCI and limited evidence-based treatment options. Our mission is to empower people with MCI and their Care Partners/families by creating a living lab that promotes joy, purpose, health and wellness through comprehensive lifestyle programs, technologies and physical environments.

Program Information

The program is a unique comprehensive lifestyle program that addresses the following domains via various interventions:

  • Physical Activity
  • Cognition
  • Functional Independence
  • Social Engagement
  • Wellbeing
  • Education
  • Goal Setting
  • Inclusion in Research
  • Technology

In addition to these interventions, our service providers work as an interdisciplinary, holistic team. Together, they evaluate the needs, abilities, and challenges of each Member and Care Partner; and work in a coordinated way to help them to form their goals, and then to meet them.

Service providers work together to ensure that our offerings complement each other. For example, cognitive training shows people how to specifically use compensatory strategies which are discussed as coping strategies in Live Well (wellbeing) sessions.

The Cognitive Empowerment Program also encompasses an innovative in-home sensing component which will collect a variety of data to identify the positive impacts that the program has on Members' lives. Sensors will be placed in Members' homes in various locations. The sensors will not collect any audio or visual data, but instead will collect data on motion, medication use, driving, temperature, sleep patterns and more. In the spirit of empowerment, the input of our Members and Care Partners is used to improve and further develop the program.